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Moose and Magpie - Sylvan-Dell Publishing 2009
Picture Book
Non- Fictionhome - Skype An Author Network
Illegal - Harper- Collins 2011
Young Adult Novel

Moose and Magpie – elementary Moose and Magpie - as a teaching tool for state standard testing – teachers and college classes.
Free teaching activities! Illegal* - middle school, high school, book clubs, college classes Illegal will not be released until Winter 2011

15-minute Q and A sessions are available only to classes & book clubs that have read Moose and Magpie so that students will have a basis for asking questions. For longer presentations – I will read the book to students, but it helps to pre-purchase the book.

Available Times: Varies

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 10-15 minute Q & A, with those already familiar with my books

In-Depth Visit Length: 45 minutes In-Depth Visit Cost: $100
Moosing Around – PreK – 3rd grade. This includes a reading and science discussion of elements within the book. I will show my moose antlers and skull! The Joy of Reading – 4th grade through High school. This includes a reading of the prologue from "Illegal" and a side by side color powerpoint presentation of the books that shaped me into a writer. Inspiration your future writers!

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Affiliations: SCBWI - North Texas and Houston

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