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Greetings! I'd love to visit with your students via Skype . . . or in person. I've written dozens of nonfiction books for readers in grades 1-6. You'll find photos of some of my recent books below along with descriptions of possible presentations. I'd be happy to work with your class - customizing a presentation or responding to student questions. Let's talk!

To find more, please
visit my website:www.elizabethraum.net

Author Address: Fargo, North Dakota

Review from a recent visit with El Paso 2nd Graders:

"Ms. Kepple enjoyed the wonderful engagement you had with the students. She was grateful that you valued all the students questions (even telling us your favorite color!). She asked me for more of your books so that the students could continue enjoying your work! They will now be reading Scorpions, Blue-ringed octopus and Stingrays. The students were excited to see the books when I delivered them to their classroom this morning."

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For Grades 2-4 - Animal Builders Series (Click on the title to learn about this series)

Content:These illustrated nonfictionbooksdescribe the engineering skills of some amazing animals.

Program:I'd be pleased to read one or more books to the students and/or answer questions.

Beavers Build LodgesBEAVERS BUILD LODGESBears Make DensBears Make DensOrangutans Build
Tree Nests
Rabbits Dig BurrowsRABBITS DIG BURROWSBirds Build NestsBIRDS BUILD NESTSBees Build Beehives

Content: These illustrated nonfiction books describe the engineering skills of some amazing animals.

Program: I'd be pleased to read one or more books to the students and/or answer questions.

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For Grades K-2 -Cedric and the Dragon

Program:I will read the story aloud and respond to student questions.

Cedric and the DragonThe unlikely hero in this story is young Prince Cedric, who was slow to walk, has a tough time with reading and math, and fails miserably at dragon-slaying school. But with kindness and his love of hugs, Cedric saves the kingdom. This cheerful picture book reminds us there is more than one way to solve a problem and reinforces the idea that everyone has something special to offer. A gentle message about kindness with delightful watercolors and a loveable dragon.

Learn more and find a coloring page at:


Hear the story read aloud here.

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For Grades 3-6 -You Choose Interactive History Adventures (Click on the title to learn about this series)

Content:These books put the reader into the story. Readers choose their own paths and those choices will determine what they see, hear, and learn as they read.

Program:I will respond to questions about any one of the books or the entire series. I can answer questions about the children and historical characters whose stories I have told. In the process, I will discuss ways to tell our own "true" stories in an exciting and engaging manner.

At Battle in the Revolutionary WarAt Battle in the RevolutionThe Revolutionary WarThe Revolutionary WarThe Boston Massacre
Boston Massacre
Spies of the American Revolution
Spies Am. Rev
World War II
World War II Naval Forces
Naval Forces
Stealing Nazi Secrets in WW II
Stealing Nazi
The California Gold Rush
Gold Rush
Orphan Trains
Orphan Trains
The Aztec Empire
Can You Survive Storm Chasing
Storm Chasing


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For Grades 4-6 - Colonial America
- The Dreadful, Smelly Colonies and these additional American History titles:

Content:Learn more about the fascinating history of our country from the days the Mayflower arrived to today.

Program:I'll answer questions that students might have and discuss how to learn more through research.

Dreadful ColoniesScience & MedicineHomes ColoniesDeclarationMayflower CompactCutting A Path10th Amendment

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For Christian Schools

Choose Your Journey through 1st century Galilee, Judea, and Samaria with Jesus and his disciples. These books allow students to choose what they see, hear, and do as a character in the ancient world.

Christmas Crossroads Crossroads Galilee
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Other Books and Topics: Check out my books on my website. I'm happy to speak with your students about any of the books listed.

Available Times: I'm usually available during the school day, so contact me and we'll work out the details.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

Short Meet the Author Visit: Q & A - 15 -20 minutes for questions related to specific book or to read a picture book to the class. No Charge.

In-Depth Visit Length:45 -60 minutes with time to respond to several student questions. $150 for a detailed presentation.

Prerequisites: Students should have read at least one of my books so that they can ask questions about content, researching, and writing.

Contact Information:Contact me via email -- earaum@gmail.com

Affiliations: I am the Regional Advisor to the Dakotas Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, and a member of GoodReads, Linked-In, Jacket-Flap, and the Author's Guild.

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