Ginger Hodge

When Donkeys Fly is a book for all ages about a little girl who wants to do everything... play baseball; be Miss America and even be President and everyone keeps telling her she can.... When Donkeys Fly. The surprise ending teaches children (and the adults in their lives) that anything is possible when you believe in yourself. Winner of the Mom's Choice Award for "Most Outstanding / Inspirational Book".
Ginger Hodge

Author Website: - Check out the Friends of the Flying Donkey Blog

Audiences: Message for all ages.
K-4: Story-time: Follow Your Dreams
5-8: Self Esteem Builder: Be True to Yourself
9-College: Career Talk : Follow Your Passion
Adult: Inspirational Message: Anything is Possible (even in today's economy)

Available Times:
By appointment as schedule allows.

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit:
10-15 minutes

In-Depth Visit Length:
30-60 minutes (depending on group schedule and Q&A)

When Donkeys Fly to Elementary / Middle Schools
Award-Winning Author, Ginger Hodge, reads the book, sings a song, walks students through the book publishing process and delivers a message that will help boost kids creativity and self confidence. (She may be the only "Human Kazoo" your students will ever meet!)

When Donkeys Fly to High Schools / Colleges
Same message as above but Ginger gears the lesson toward the graduate by including her personal work history (from waiting tables to buying films) and gives students some practical tips on following their own dreams into the job market.

When Donkeys Fly to Clubs and Conferences
Ginger inspires teachers, faculty, staff, and others with her own story and a "you can do anything" motivational message. Perfect way to kick off your next team-building event!

In-Depth Visit Cost:
10-15 minute Skype Visit: FREE to first 50 schools!
30-45 minute Skype Visit: $150
30-60 minute Class/es Visit (in person): $650 + travel expenses
2 x 30-60 minute School Sessions (in person): $1000 + travel expenses
30-45 minute Keynote Speech: Please email group / group size for a quote

Budget an issue?
Ask how pre-ordered book sales can off-set visit cost.

Need money for your group?
Ask how When Donkeys Fly can help support your favorite non-profit!

Individuals in each group to be given opportunity to pre-order signed books to be delivered to one location. Order Form will be emailed to teacher / group leader prior to session.

Contact Information:

Winner of Mom's Choice Award for "Most Inspirational / Motivational".
Slated for Florida's JUSTREADIT! Recommended Reading List.
Chosen for EWI (Executive Women International) National Reading Rally.
Featured in Charleston Magazine.
Selected to speak at The Red Hat Society's Regional Conference in Charleston SC.
Proud supporter of,, and .

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