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We are authors who hail from various countries and authors whose books focus on other countries. Among our numbers, we hope to have the world covered. Though our society enjoys more information than ever before, our country remains somewhat insular and lacks an outward-looking perspective; perhaps a real outward-looking interest? Our books provide a greater understanding of geography, culture, tradition, as well as the challenges that people face in other countries--stimulating tolerance, at the least, and a rich appreciation for difference, at best.

ANN VON LOSSBERG & Ann's Skype an Author page

Ann has traveled to 59 countries over thirty years' time, mostly in the developing world. She and boyfriend-turned-husband quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and set out to travel for years at a clip--believing their odyssey would be no less charmed than the age-old odyssey of Alibaba. Ann's sense of voice, her lone woman among men modus operandi, and non-traditional ways of travel set these experiences apart. 1089 Nights shows us that the world is a wondrous, welcoming place. Weaving a career in between her travels, Ann worked in the nonprofit industry for years, serving as director to various grassroot organizations. She married her love of travel and foundation background by forming a foundation that supports school children in Cambodia. Half the proceeds of 1089 Nights support this work in Cambodia. Feel free to contact me for a range of possible presentations or discussions at

Frans of Amsterdam glued to 1089 nights.Frans of Amsterdam glued to 1089 Nights. He uses the book for his middle school students' international studies curriculum.


Kelsey's Skype an Author Page

Kelsey Timmerman is the author of "Where Am I Wearing? A Global Tour to the Countries, Factories, and People That Make Our Clothes." I travels around the country physically and virtually introducing students to the people who make our clothes.

He would love to talk to your group in person or via Skype. For more information about having Kelsey speak with your group, please visit

Here's Kelsey chatting about his experiences in Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, and Honduras.

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