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John Himmelman is an author and/or illustrator of about 95 books for children. Some are silly; some lift the heart; some share the author's love for nature. Many, a little of each.

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: Killingworth, CT USA
Picturebooks, Middlegrade Fiction

John Himmelman - Skype An Author Network
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As a writer and artist for 40 years, I will assume I've been invited to visit your students to help them to see the rewards in pursuing their own writing and art. However, if the kids are unfamiliar with anything I’ve done, I’m really just some guy talking to them on a big TV screen. Therefore, it is important that they either have some of my books, or have read them prior to our visit.

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Recommended Books
Albert Hopper, Science Hero books (Holt)
The Giant From the Fire Sea (middlegrade novel - Holt)
Any of the Bunjitsu Bunny Series
Floaty (Holt)
Katie Loves the Kittens (Holt)
Pigs To The Rescue (Holt)
Chickens To The Rescue (Holt)
Tudley Didn’t Know (Holt)
10 Little Hot Dogs (Amazon)
Ibis, A True Whale Story (Scholastic)
Animal Rescue Club (Harper Collins)
Buzby (Harper Collins)
Pipaluk and the Whales (National Geographic)

Recommended Nature Books
There's A Bug on My Book! (Sourcebooks)
Noisy Bird, Frog or Bug Sing-along books (Sourcebooks)
Any of the 13 *Nature Upclose series (Scholastic/Children’s Press)
Frog in a Bog (Charlesbridge)
Mouse in a Meadow (Charlesbridge)
Who’s At the Seashore? (Northword)
A Daddy Longlegs Isn’t a Spider (Windward Publishing)

Info on ordering all of the titles here.

*13 book Nature Upclose Series:

A Monarch Butterfly's Life (sample pictures),A Pillbug's Life,A Luna Moth's Life (sample pictures), A Wood Frog's Life (sample pictures), A Ladybug's Life, A Dandelion's Life, A Salamander's Life, A Slug's Life, A House Spider's Life, A Hummingbird's Life, An Earthworm's Life, A Mouse's Life, A Mealworm's Life

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"I was first introduced to the fun of Skype visits with a visit to a convalescent home where
my aunt volunteers. The back and forth it encouraged, the ability to share images as large as the
recipient’s screen, AND the convenience for all of us made me eager to explore this medium further. It is
my hope that upon signing off, the kids will be eager to get on with their own creative projects."

John Himmelman

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John Himmelman.

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