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: Seattle

I am a picture book illustrator and author of more than 50 books. I have created books of all kinds... from board books to historical non-fiction.

Presentations: School visits with slideshows, live drawing, movies with techniques for creating digital & real art

Audiences: Grades 1-12

Available Times: Any times that have been scheduled in advance. No recording of Skype sessions without permission from the author.

In-Depth Visit Length: 1 hour

In-Depth Visit Cost: $100 for each in depth visit of around an hour. Skype visit (payment received before the visit).

Prerequisites: It's helpful to know in advance what the subject any class might be focused on. For more information about my books please visit my website.

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Affiliations: SCBWI, PBAA - founding member Picture Book Artist's Association

John Nez Illustrator & Author

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