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Presentations: I offer a wide variety of presentations for grades three to eight, and on a personal visit can work with grades one and two as well. I cover such topics as where ideas come from, story structure, editing and revision, character development, time travel stories, history, research and more. Details of school programs can be found at For a virtual visit, we can look at a straightforward question and answer session, a specific topic or book, with either a large audience or with individual classes. I am very flexible and always happy to discuss the details of school visits with teachers and librarians, on how to best serve the unique needs of your students. Some details on virtual visits can be found at

A synopsis of each of my novels can be found on my website at

Here are some links to readings and interviews about each of the books.

The Alchemist's Portrait

The Sorcerer's Letterbox

The Clone Conspiracy

The Emerald Curse

The Heretic's Tomb

Any of the books can provide teachers with a wide variety of ways to explore projects in the classroom with their students and you can find study guides at These are by no means exhaustive and you are welcome to use the books as you see fit.

Genres: Science fiction, fantasy

Grades 3 to 8, elementary, middle school, high school, college, university, adult writing groups, teachers.

Available Times: Anytime. Please contact directly for availability

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: Meet the Author Q &A session, 15 minutes. Students should be familiar with at least one of my books or have visited my website and taken part in the Super Scavenger Search at

In-Depth Visit Length: 60 minutes

In-Depth Visit Cost: $300

Prerequisites: Ideally students should have read at least one of my books prior to the visit, but can also familiarize themselves with me and my work by undertaking the Super Scavenger Search at You may also wish to download the word search puzzles related to each novel at or even view my youTube channel at in which I talk about my books, my workshops for adults and schools, plus my various services for writers. A technical run through a few days prior is also advisable to ensure that everything will work okay on the day of the visit.

Contact Information: or

Affiliations: SCBWI, SF Canada, CANSCAIP, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Writer's Union of Canada, Writers Guild of Alberta.

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