The Miller Brothers

Author & Illustrator Duo - The Miller Brothers (Christopher & Allan Miller)

The Miller Brothers are award winning co-authors, illustrators & 3D Animators of fantasy/adventure stories for preteens. They are real-life brothers with a passion to write the kinds of adventures they loved reading as kids. In addition to inspiring your children to read, the Miller Brothers share their belief that EVERYONE has a story to share. Their goal is to awaken the author inside every student - to share the joy of the art of storytelling. Their charisma is contageous and uplifting. Don't miss your chance to invite them to your class.
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"Do whatever it takes to get the Miller Brothers to come to your school or event..." - Erin Wickstrom, Auburn School Distric Librarian

Genres: Youth Fiction, Fantasy, Adventure

Audience: Elementary & PreTeen

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Contact Info: 253-261-4864 or

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Imagine Your Students PUMPED UP About
Reading Books and Even Writing Their Own!

Sound crazy? It's not, we've seen it happen in dozens of schools over the years. Through the art of story we teach children about living their dreams, about never giving up, about facing their fears and through it all we introduce them to a world a reading in ways they've never before experienced. Stories have a way of making our imaginations soar. Everyone loves a great tale—even that kid in the back row with arms crossed. What we do is awaken your students desire to read stories (instead of just watching them) through our unique, extremely interactive assemblies. And they start reading! All the time!
WARNING: Our passion for reading is extremely contagious. If a parent does not want their child to start gobbling up books, please inform them to keep their children home on the day of the assembly.
But getting them to read is only HALF of our goal. We come with a strategy to unleash the storyteller lurking within each of your students. We believe everyone has a story to tell. When kids meet real-life authors and learn first-hand the secret indregients to great storytelling a spark of inspiration will be ignited. Suddenly, the impossible will seem possible and they will start believing that maybe they too could be authors one day. The joy of writing is one of the greatest gifts we leave behind.

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