Vicky Rubin

RalphieThe Three Swingin' Pigs

Author-Illustrator Website:

Author Address Bay Area, California

Genres: (see list on Directions for Authors page) humor, fairytale, fairy tale, picture book, animals, author-illustrator, author illustrator new sibling, siblings, sibling, music, jazz

Presentations: I will tailor my visit to your class. I can do a book-specific visit or a talk on Creating Fractured Fairy Tales or How a Book is Made, Writing a Story; various art projects using simple materials. I can do two-part visit in which children write a story or create an artwork; I will read a book and provide the instructions, then in the next visit I will lead students in presenting their work to the class.

Audiences: ages 3 to 11; presentations vary depending on age group

Available Times: very flexible

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 10-15 minutes

In-Depth Visit Length: 45 minutes

In-Depth Visit Cost: $75 for 60-minute session; $60 per 45-minute session; $40 for 25 min. session

Prerequisites: None required, but would help if the class has read my book(s) Ralphie and the Swamp Baby and/or The Three Swingin' Pigs.

Contact Information:

Affiliations: Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), Children's Book Illustrators Group (CBIG)

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