Wendy Roy

Wendy Roy

Wendy WendyRoy-BookRoy is the author of "Kelly Confident Shows You Why... It's POWERFUL to be a GIRL!" The book empowers girls via a fun tour of some of the world's extraordinary women, and it has been endorsed by many distinguished women. This children's book teaches our youngsters (and adults) that girls are extraordinary beings - exactly the way they are.

Author Wendy Roy is a strong advocate of the development of emotional intelligence in our youth. She is also an accomplished vocalist and songwriter. Her websites are listed below.

Author Websites: www.glamgranola.com and www.wendysings.com

Author Address: USA

Genres: female empowerment, picture book, inspirational, fiction, non-fiction

Presentations: I would be happy to present to a group of any size. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your particular needs.

Audiences: Ages 5 & up

Available Times: Please contact me at contact@glamgranola.com

No recording of Skype Sessions without permission from the author.

No Cost Meet the Author Visit: 15 minutes

In-Depth Visit Length: Up to 60 minutes

In-Depth Visit Cost: Contact for more info

Prerequisites: N.A.

Contact Information: Please contact me via e-mail: contact@glamgranola.com Thank you very much.


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